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Our Beer History

The History Of Our Historic Beer



The story of our historic beers are long and rich

and rooted in the foundation of Colorado’s origin, even before its statehood.


Below you can read a bit about why our historic beers have been given their

appearance and why it means so much to us to honor the legacy of the artists who initially gave

them life, to this day.

If you pay close enough attention we’ve layered over a centuries

worth of historic figures, photos, and illustrations in our packaging, our bottles, and artwork.



Tivoli Helles Lager was Colorado’s first beer, crafted over 150 years ago for the hard working settlers of the great state of Colorado.  Using only the finest barley, the freshest hops, and a unique Bavarian yeast strain, Tivoli was born.  Today, Tivoli is still brewed using the original recipe in the original location creating a smooth golden lager with a flavor profile that is timeless.  You’re welcome!

p/c Andrew Kurth



Sigi’s Wildhorse Buckbeer

Sigi’s Wildhorse Buck Beer is a Bock style beer, brewed with Ale yeast instead of lager yeast, and fermented at lager temperatures.  To recreate this Colorado Classic, we included fire kilned malt just like Moritz Sigi did in 1864.  By taking our time and aging like a lager, the subtle flavors of the fire kilned malts become much more prevalent and harmonize cleanly with our German Noble Hops.


Sigi's Wildhorse Buck Beer


Bohemian Girl:

The look of Bohemian Girl has evolved from its initial creation in the late 1890s by The Neef Bros. Brewing Co.  but we didn’t want her to lose her soul.  So in hopes of trying to retain her  historic beginnings, we dissected what worked and what we wanted to focus on.


This year, in 2016, we resurrected our Bohemian Girl and gave her new life using the color scheme that the artists before us so delicately chose for her. For consistency, we decided to preserve the historic typography and body and just made her glow.


When you find her out on the shelves you’ll find a secret map that was a hand drawn blueprint of The Neef Bros. Brewing Co., illustrating just a small portion of the work and the growth of the brewery before it shut down in 1917.


Jet Malt Liquor

Jet Malt Liquor is a contemporary take on a classic Tivoli brand. To produce this unique gem, we took pilsner malt, 6-Row malt, and corn grits, and then we combined them with generous portions of Pacifica hops to create a big, creamy, tropical lager that is reminiscent of that breakfast cereal with a tucan for a mascot. Follow your nose to this unique take on a traditional sh*t beer.



There’s a long history between all these breweries and brewers which makes Tivoli’s history that much more complex and extraordinary.

In 1869, Philip Zang  had already opened, ran, and sold a successful brewery in Louisville, KY, so he decided to head west to the new boom town of Denver, CO.  In Denver, Zang worked as the superintendent for John Good’s Rocky Mountain Brewery.  By 1871 Zang purchased RMB from Good, and renamed it to Philip Zang & Co.

Based off of old letterheads and advertisements, we recreated come components of the Zang’s artwork to the our versions of Zang’s XXX and Free Coinage beers.


Zang’s Free Coinage is
Tivoli Brewing Company’s modern adaptation of a classic British-style Pale Ale. This sweet, copper-hued ale starts off sweet, but as the medium bodied elixir glides down your throat you begin to experience tropical fruit, and berry like flavors and aromas. zangs-xxx-retromod

This Imperial IPA is a reincarnation of a historic Colorado beer.  This full-bodied hoppy is ale is brewed with pilsner malt, flaked oats, and honey malt.  We then added generous portions of Galena hops, Falconers Flight, and Mandarina Bavaria hops creating a rich, creamy, hoppy IPA with essence of tropical fruit, and fresh citrus.



She’s My Cherry Pie


When our Brew Master Dieter got the idea to make this specialty lager we were stoked. Heavily inspired by Warrant’s She’s My Cherry Pie, the creation of this gal  came about one night when our VP of Sales, Eric, Dieter, and our Graphic Designer Viv, were sitting around drinking.

She’s My Cherry Pie is the first beer brewed in over 45 years since it’s hiatus in 1969.

It was important to us that we created this new tangible look for Tivoli, bridging our historical brands to that of our new and future brands but still remaining true to the roots we’ve taken the reigns of.

We’re extremely proud of this specialty lager and think she tastes as good as she looks.

When we launch  this babe in  6 pack bottles, you’ll find a lovely surprise– Barrel Aged versions of She’s My Cherry Pie: