Tivoli Brewing Company

Our Story

Historic Brewers

John Good

The father of the Tivoli brand. Good was a German immigrant that arrived with the Gold Rush. He opened a mercantile store for which he personally imported items including otherwise unavailable brewing ingredients. Good was a major contributor to the foundation of Denver. He was a partner with Rocky Mountain Brewery where he brewed the first batch of Helles lager in 1859. He left RMB to found a German bank in Denver which ultimately led to his ownership of this building.

Moritz Sigi

Sigi brought this building to life. He specialized in brewing buck beers, a Colorado unique style of ales that are brewed as lagers. Tivoli Sigi’s Wild Horse is a close replica of Sigi’s original beer and named for the horrific horse accident that ended his life.

Max Melsheimer

Melsheimer brought the Milwaukee Brewery to this building in 1891. He significantly expanded the brewing capacity of the building, but was unable to earn enough revenue to repay his loan to the German bank. This resulted in foreclosure and John Good’s ownership of the building.

Historic Equipment


Ammonia Condenser

This is the first form of commercial refrigeration. Before this, brewing beer required harvesting ice from the mountains. This limited production in seasons with less ice. Vilter Mfg Co designed this to eliminate the need for harvested ice.

Westinghouse #002

This is the second A/C generator unit that George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla produced. The first model lit the White City at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Steam-powered generators allowed for longer work hours and reduced fire hazards from oil lamps.

Copper Kettles

The 250-barrel copper kettles were installed in 1890. They are steam-heated duel-jacketed kettles designed for yearly production of up to 600,000 barrels. In 2015, they were valued at an estimated $300,000 USD in copper alone.