Slam Dunkel
Clean chocolate hue with cream-laced head.

First brewed by the Benedictine monks in the mid 12th century, Dunkel beers were further enhanced by the 1516 Reinheitsgebot which decreed that beer could be made only from barley, hops, and water. The style has continued its evolution over the last 200 years. Our modern version is highly sessionable and delivers a deep, full Munich malt character with only slight bitterness, making it the perfect cold weather companion. When the nights are chilly or you want a full-bodied beer for the game, you can’t miss with a Slam Dunkel!

Style Dunkel Bock
5.5 ABV  |  30 IBU

Best With Toblerone Chocolate, Schnitzel

Availability Fall Seasonal

Comes On tap, 6-pack Cans

Best Served In Pub glass

Tivoli Tap House/ Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Auraria Taproom

900 Auraria Parkway

Suite 240

Denver, CO 80204

Taproom Hours:
NOW OPEN  with our new restaurant operator - BAD DADDY'S BURGER BAR.

Monday - Sunday: 11am to 11pm


DEN Airport Brewery

Tom's Urban at The Westin

8300 Pena Boulevard

Main Terminal

Denver, CO 80249