Tivoli Brewing Company

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  • tivoli tap house Denver
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Tivoli Brewing Company is the oldest brewery in the State of Colorado and continues on in its original home in Downtown Denver, Colorado.

Great History:
Tivoli Brewing Company began its journey in 1859 selling beer to thirsty miners and early Denver settlers.  Growing to eventually become the largest brewery west of the Missouri River, at the time providing a complete line of beers to not only Coloradoans, but the entire Western United States.

Great Beer, Great Quality:
At Tivoli we are creating history once again by not only bringing back the historic beers of Colorado, but creating new history with exiting styles of beer.  We take our time brewing many lagers as well as ales.

Historic Beers:  At Tivoli we celebrate our history by brewing our original recipes, painstakingly recreated to give modern beer drinkers a taste of the 1800’s.  We brew an entire line of Tivoli Historic Brews in the original Tivoli Brewery.
New Beer Creations: Whether chasing our personal beer dreams or working with the Students in the MSU Denver Brewing program to research and develop the latest and greatest beer concepts, at Tivoli we are committed to the launch of the most innovative beers found in Colorado
Quality: Delivering outstanding quality beer is our passion and our focus – We will accept nothing other.  To achieve this goal, we are dedicated to having the best on-site laboratories in the state.


Beer Industry Education Program:
Working closely with the Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Brewing Program,  students work and learn right here in our brewery and Taphouse to gain some of the best hands on experience in the industry.  Our unique location on the Auraria Campus gives students a one-of-a-kind learning experience and gives the Tivoli Brewery access to a wealth of passionate and knowledgeable beer enthusiasts.

Historic Taphouse:
Ever want to enjoy a classic pint in a Historic Brewhouse? The Tivoli Taphouse is exactly that.  The Tivoli Brewery taphouse features 52 taps pouring not only beer from the Tivoli Brewery, but beers from brewers that we distribute through our Tivoli Distribution Company.  Our historic brewery and taphouse, situated downtown and across the street from the Pepsi Center features the greatest biergarten in the state and best view of the Denver skyline.

We are dedicated to the health and success of our local community.  We are focused on many efforts to improve the lives our city’s underprivileged or those in need as well as bolster the historic and Arts communities of Colorado.
Corey and Debbie Marshall